Saturday, September 4, 2010


1. For the sake of the righteous, the wicked will be spared. (Gen.18:26) Kjv.

2. The RIGHTEOUS Shall Be Justified Or Acquitted in Court.
(DEUT.25: 1) Kjv.

3. The RIGHTEOUS Keep Moving Forward.(Job 17:19) NLT.

4. The RIGHTEOUS Will Outlive The WICKED (Job 22;19)

5. GOD Does not withdraw His Eyes from the RIGHTEOUS.
(Job 32: 7). KJV.
6. The LORD Watches Over The Way Of The RIGHTEOUS.
(Ps 1: 6). NIV.

7. The LORD Will Bless the RIGHTEOUS (Ps 5: 12). KJV.

8. GOD Establishes The RIGHTEOUS. (Ps 7: 9) KJV.

9. GOD is Present in the Company of the RIGHTEOUS
(Ps 14; 5) NIV.

10. The Eyes of the LORD Are Upon The RIGHTEOUS
(PS 34: 15). KJV.

11. The RIGHTEOUS Cry and the LORD Hearth. (PS 34 :17)

12. A RIGHTEOUS Man May Have Many Troubles, but the LORD delivers him from them all. (Ps.34:19) Niv

13. Those Who Hate The RIGHTEOUS Will Be Punished.
(PS 34: 21) NLT.

14. The Little the Righteous Have Is Better Than the Wealth Of Many wicked. (Ps.37:16)Niv

15. The LORD Upholds The Righteous. (PS 37 : 17) NIV

16. The Righteous Shows Mercy and Gives Gifts. (PS 37: 21) NIV

17. The Righteous Is Never Forgotten. (PS 37; 25) NIV

18. The Righteous Will Inherit the Land and Dwell In It Forever
(PS 37;
: 29) NIV
19. The Mouth Of The Righteous Speaks Wisdom. (PS 37: 30) KJV

20. The Lord Will Never Allow The Righteous Fall. (55 : 22) NIV

21. The Righteous Will Be Glad When They Are Avenged.(PS59:10)NIV

22. There Is Reward For Righteousness. (PS 58: 11) KJV

23. The Righteous Will Be Glad. (PS 64: 10) KJV

24. The Righteous Shall Flourish.(PS 72: 7) KJV

25. The Horns Of The Righteous Will Be Lifted Up. (PS 75: 10) NIV

26. The Righteous Shall Flourish Like Palm Tree. (PS92: 12) KJV

27. The LORD Is the Defense, Rock and Refuge of the Righteous
(PS 94 ; 91-92)
28. Light Shines on the Godly, And Joy On Those Whose Hearts
be Righteous. (PS 97: 11)
29. A Righteous Man Will Be Remembered Forever. (PS 112; 6)

30. Sound Of Joy And Victory Resounds In The Tent Of The Righteous. (PS 118; 15) NIV

31. The righteous rise in the morning to give thanks unto the LORD. (PS 119: 62) KJV

32. The Rod of the Wicked Shall Not Rest Upon the Lot of THE RIGHTEOUS (PS.125:3)

33. The LORD Loves The Righteous. (PS 146 : 8 )

34. GOD Grants A Treasure Of Common Sense To The Honest.
( Pro 2: 7 )
35. The Secret Of The LORD Is With The Righteous. (Pro 3: 32 )

36. The LORD Does Not Allow The Righteous Go Hungry.

37. The Mouth Of The Righteous Is A Well Of Life. (Pro 10: 11) Kjv

38. The Ways Of The Righteous Bring Them Life. (Pro.10:6) NIV

39. The Lips Of The Righteous Tendeth To Life. (Pro 10:21)Kjv

40. The Desires Of The Righteous Shall Be Granted. (Pro.10:22) Kjv

41. The Righteous Is An Everlasting Foundation. (Pro.10:24) Kjv

42. The Prospect Of The Righteous Is Joy. (Pro.10:28) Niv

43. The Righteous Will Never Be Uprooted. (Pro.10:30) Niv

44. The Leaps Of The Righteous Know What Is Acceptable. (Pro.10:32) Niv
45. The Righteous Is Delivered Out Of Trouble. (Pro.11:8)Kjv

46. The Whole City Celebrates When The Godly Succeeds. (Pro.11:10)NLT
47. The Children Of The Godly Will Go Free. (Pro.11:21) NLT

48. The Godly Can Look Forward For Reward. (Pro.11:23)NLT

49. The Godly Flourish like Leaves In Spring. (Pro.11:28)Nlt

50. The Fruit Of The Righteous Is A Tree Of Life. (PRO.11:30) KJV

52.The Righteous Cannot Be Uprooted. (Pri.12:20) Kjv

53. The Plans Of The Righteous Are Just. (Pro.12:5) NIV

54. A Righteous Man Cares For The Lives Of His Animals. (Pro.12:10)Niv
55. The Root Of The Righteous Yields Fruits. (Pro.12:12) KJV

56. The Righteous Man Is Cautious In Friendship. (PR0.12:26) Niv

57. A Righteous Man Hates What Is False. (Pro.13:5) NIV

58. The Light Of The Righteous Shines Brightly. (Pro.13:9) Niv

60. The Righteous Eat To Their Hearts Content. (Pro.13:25) Niv

61. Among The Righteous There Is Favor, (Pro.14:9) Kjv

62. The Evil And The Wicked Bow At The Gate Of The Righteous.( Pro.14:19) Kjv

63. The Righteous Hath Hope In His Death. (Pro.14:32) KJV

64. There Is Treasure In The House Of The Righteous. (Pro.15:6)

65. The Way Of The Righteous Is Made Plain. (Pro.15:19) Kjv

66. The Heart Of The Godly Thinks Carefully Speaking. (Pro.15:28)Nlt

67. GOD Hears The Prayers Of The Righteous. (Pro.15:21)Nlt

68. Righteous Lips Are The Delight Of Kings. (Pro.16:13) Kjv

69. The Righteous Rennet Into The Name Of The LORD And Are Safe. (Pro.19:10) Kjv

71. The Wicked Becomes A Ransom For The Righteous. (Pro.21:18)Niv

72. The Righteous Gives without Sparing. (Pro.21:26) Niv

73. The Father Of The Righteous Has Great Joy. (Pro.23:24) Niv

74. GOD Says, Do Not Lie In Wait Nor Raid The House Of The Righteous. (Pro.24:15) Niv
75.The Righteous Are As Bold As Lion. (Pro.28:1) Niv

76. Those Who Lead Righteous People Along An Evil Part Will Fall Into Their Own Trap, (Pro.28:10) Nlt
77. When The Righteous Succeed Every One Is Happy. (Pro.28:12) Nlt

78. When The Righteous Are In Authority The People Rejoice. (Pro.28:12) Nlt
79.The Righteous Man Escapes Evil Shouting For Joy. (Pro.29:6) Nlt
80. The Righteous Considerate the Cause of the Poor (pro.27:7) kjv

81, The righteous shall see the fall of the wicked. (prp.29:16) Kjv

82. GOD is the judge of the righteous. (Ecc.3:17) Kjv

83. What the righteous do is in God’s hands. (Ecc.9:1) Niv

84. It shall be well with the righteous. (Isa.3:10) Kjv

85. GOD raises up the righteous from the east, gives him nations and makes him rule over kings. (Isa.41:2) Kjv

86. The righteous is taken away from the evil that is to come. (Isa.57:1) Kjv

87. The righteousness of the righteous shall be upon him. (Eze.18:20)Kjv

88. The righteous shall judge the unrighteous. (Eze.23:45)Kjv

89. He that receives a righteous man shall receive a righteous man’s reward. (Mat.10:41) Kjv

90. The righteous shall shine like the sun in their father’s kingdom. (Mat.13:34) Weymouth

91. The righteous will go into the life of ages. (Mt.25:46)

92. The heart felt supplication of a righteous man exerts a mighty influence. (James.5:16) Weymouth.

93. The eyes of the Lord are upon the righteous. (1 Pet.3:12) Weymouth.
94.The righteous exalteth a nation. (Pro.12:34) Kjv

95. Righteousness keepeth him that is upright. (Pro.14:36) Kjv

96. God love him that follow after righteousness. (Prp15:19) Kjv

97. In righteousness shall a man be exalted. (Ps89:16) Kjv

98.In righteousness shall thou be established (Isa.54:14)Kjv

99. Sow for yourself righteousness; reap the fruit of unfailing love. (Hosea.10:12)Niv

100. Grace reigns through righteousness. (Rom.5:21) KJV.